Finding Your Potential Through Others

Finding friends that make you truly happy is difficult. You should be able to appreciate the fact that they make you happy but should also be able to be happy by yourself, encouraging independent happiness so that it doesn’t put pressure on the relationship, causing potential issues in the future. When things start to goContinue reading “Finding Your Potential Through Others”

My Passion for Passion- Songwriting.

My individual passion drives my creativity and motivates most of my decisions. I believe passion holds so much importance, it allows everyones personality to be expressed within something they care about- creative or not. My main passion is music. I have always loved music, from a very young age. Like most people my music tasteContinue reading “My Passion for Passion- Songwriting.”

The Love of Your Life- Your Life.

Through numerous times of happiness, sadness, pride and joy, I have found myself claiming to have found things and people that I love. Recently, I have realised that, although I had discovered different types of love, I hadn’t yet uncovered what I now consider ‘True Love’. I Love Love– I always have and due toContinue reading “The Love of Your Life- Your Life.”